Monday, February 24, 2014

Thou, Eternal Witness !

Bridal Mysticism needs no proof
As if Ultimate Verity needs proof!
Without Consciousness I cannot exist
Without Self, how can I exist ?

It is Thou who inspirest
Who is the illuminator
The inner Director
Without thy directions
I would have gone astray !
But in Thy mercy
Thou hast ordained well !
Seeing that I move not
To the wrong path !
Thou, who art the Eternal Witness
Everlasting, eternal,
Emotionless, lord of all,
Existing as Pure Witness
With and without Maya
The eternal Triad being
Thy holographic projections !

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Thou held up the world !

Thou held up the world 
As the Giant Tortoise
The great Mandara Mountain
Gigantic, it rested on Thy back !

O Thou with immense hair !
Who assumed the form, Kurma
The Tortoise massive
Hail O Lord of the Universe !

Kṣitiḥ iha vipulatare
Tiṣṭhati; tava pṛṣṭhe
Kiṇa-cakra gariṣṭhe
Keśava dhṛta Kurma-śarīra
Jaya jagadīśa hare...

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thou art Ethics Personified !

Vitarasi dikṣuraṇe
Dik-pati kamanīyam
Daśa-mukha mauli-balim ramaṇīyam 
Keśava dhṛta-rāma-śarīra 
jaya jagadīśa hare...

O Thou who vanquished Ravana,
Thou distributed Ravana's remains
To the deities of directions ten,
As desired by all of them
O Thou who came as Lord Rama
O Thou with glorious hair
Hail to Thee, O Great One !

Monday, May 7, 2012

O Thou Protector of Intellectual Class !

In Thy incarnation as Parasurama
Sins were taken away from earth
From the rivers of blood of the warrior tribes
Giving relief to people good 
From the fire of existence material
O Thou with mighty hair !
Who accepted the form
Of warrior sage, Parasurama
Protector of the class intellectual
Salutations to the Lord of the Universe !

jagat apagatapāpam
snapayasi payasi
śamita bhava-tāpam
Keśava dhṛta- bhṛgupati-rūpa
jaya jagadīśa hare...

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Best definitions of Heaven and Hell !

The best definitions of Heaven and Hell were provided by a Malayalam poet.

What is Heaven ?
Is the Fulfillment of all desires
What is Hell ?
A soul in torment and agony.

Nakam ennal naragraha poorna siddhi than darshanam
Narakamo poriyunna orathmavin Roopam !

Union of Individual with the Universal !

Jayadeva's Song of the Lord, Geetha Govinda, is a great poem on Bhakthi Yoga Laya. 

Radha and Krishna symbolise the Lover Beloved Relationship between the Individual Soul and the Universal Soul, the Kamukee Kamuka Bhava of Jivatma and Paramatma . The Union between both the Individual and the Universal is symbolised by Radha Kalyanam.

With Thy massive steps
Thou deceived King Bali
O Dwarf Wonderful !
From the nails of Thy Lotus Feet
Water ( Ganges ) emanated
O Redeemer of all
O Mighty One of hair fine
Hail to Thee, O Great One !

Chalayasi vikramaṇe
Balim adbhuta-vāmana
Pada-nakha nīra-janita
Keśava dhṛta-vāmana-rūpa
Jaya jagadīśa hare !

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thou art Kindness Personified !

Thou in Thy incarnation as Buddha
Decried the cruelties against animals
As priests were sacrificing goats
Saying they were ordained !

O Thou with immense hair
Who entered this world as Lord Buddha
To deliver men from Ignorance
All salutations to Thee !

Nindasi yajña vidheḥ
Ahaha śruti jātam
Sadayahṛdaya darśita paśu ghātam
Keśava dhṛta Buddha-śarīra
Jaya jagadīśa hare...

- Jayadeva