Thursday, March 22, 2012

He is sorrowful in violence !

There is a misunderstanding about the word Hindu.

Max Muller, Monier Williams and other missionary scholars want us to believe that since our ancestors lived near the river Sindhu, we are called Hindus, because the Persians could not pronounce the word Sindhu. This is utter nonsense.

Sat Prem, a French intellectual, in his book " Aurobindo, the Adventure of Consciousness" remarks that "the term Hinduism is an invention of the West. The Indian speaks only about the Eternal Law, the Sanathana Dharma. Now India, who could understand the Eternal Iconoclast that God is in His Cosmic March, did not have the strength to support Her Wisdom" So true, we were invaded by the Mughal Empire and the British Empire.

The Eternal Law, this Sanathana Dharma, is called by many as Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism etc. " The Name of this Causality is Divine Law " said Aurobindo. " "The Law rules all and is all' said Cheiro. This Eternal Law pervades the Universe, ruling all.

The real meaning of the word Hindu is that he who is sorrowful in violence is a Hindu, himsayam dhooyathe yasya saha hindurithyabhideeyathe.

Vivekananda wrote

' The Hindu believes he is Spirit. Him the fire cannot burn, him the water cannot wet, him the sword cannot pierce nor the wind dry. He is the Absolute Self, center everywhere, circumference nowhere".

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The Supramental Dialectic

Bhagavan Aurobindo, staunch nationalist that he was, prayed for India's liberation !

" The athiest is in me, the agnostic is in me, all I want O Lord, is my country's freedom "

Then suddenly He heard the Voice.

" This is the Eternal Law, the Sanathana Dharma, the Eternal Religion which I have perfected through the saints, the Yogis, the Rishies and the Avatars. When you go forth, say that it is for Dharma India exists. At the moment I am giving India her freedom"

No wonder India's Independence and Aurobindo's birthday coincided !

The Voice continued " I am seated deep in the hearts of all and I overrule their actions and words. It is what I SHALL and not what others may. It is for Dharma India exists. Whatever be the impossibilities and difficulties that come, know that there is nothing impossible, there is nothing difficult. "

Aurobindo knew that all his steps were divinely ordained and founded the Supramental Dialectic and Integral Yoga, after this Vision he got in jail !

Who can describe Bhagavan Aurobindo ?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Cosmic Dancer

The cosmic dance, said Dr Fritjof Capra, is the dance of subatomic matter ! The dancing Shiva is the dancing Universe.

Who can describe Him ? ' Him the Sun cannot express nor the Moon nor the Stars, Lightning cannot express Him, nor what we speak of as fire; through Him they shine".

Na tatra bhathi sooryo na chandra tharakam
Nema vidyutho kuthoyamagni
Thameva Bhantam Anubhathi Sarvam
Yasya Bhasa sarvam idam vibhathi

Everything is He !

A story, pregnant with philosophic meaning, comes to us from Bengal.Once upon a time, there was a proud King. One day he called all his ministers and asked " Who is greater, me or God ?"

The pundits shook with fear. They requested him to grant them some time.

Next day a wise pundit told the King " Verily, thou art greater , O King, for thou can banish us from your kingdom, whereas God cannot, for all this is His and all this is He ".

This story, coming from Bengal, where Bhagavan Aurobindo was born, was not altogether unknown to Him, who said that all this is He ( All this is verily Brahman, say the Upanishads . Sarvam Brahmamayam ).

Aurobindo wrote

" He is Timeless and Time. He is Spaceless and all that is in Space, He is Causality and the Cause and the Effect. Brahman, the Iswara, is all this by His Yoga Maya !

For we find the the Indeterminate teems with mutations and differentiae. The One becomes an innumerable multitude. The Universal individualises itself and the Individual universalises itself. Being turns into Becoming, but is always Itself and other than Its Becomings. The Absolute becomes relative and the Relative becomes the Absolute. The Indeterminate determines itself as the Infinite and the Finite".

His greatest realisation was " The Absolute is everywhere, every finite is an Infinite"

This is in line with Lord Krishna's commandment to Arjuna

"How can you, O Prince, comprehend the vastness of this Universe?
I, who am all, who made it all, abide as its separate Lord 

Of Allegories and Symbols

This is an allegorical depiction of Prakrithi's dance on Purusha .

His breast He offers for Her Cosmic Dance
Over our lives which are the quivering theatre !

Purusha and Prakrithi are coexistent aspects of the Eternal.

We have said that the great poets hid Mysteries in Symbology.

The function of Epic and Mythology is to adumbrate philosophic verities. Ithihasa puranabhyam vedam samupabrimhayeth !

Bridal Mysticism opens up the Intuitive Mind

The great poet Ottur wrote

Namamanu Mahavakyam
Namamanu Jagat Guru
Namamanu Thapascharya
Namaman Ishta Daivatham

Glorious is His Name, Nama 
His Name is the Great Aphorism
His Name is Universal Teacher
Greatest Meditation is Nama
And the Tutelary Deity !

Namamanu Ithihasangal
Namamanu Veda Vanikal
Namamanu Kavya Ratnangal
Namamanu Shuka Samhitha !

Nama are all Epics
Nama are all Vedas
All great poetry is Nama
His Name is Shuka Samhitha

Namamanu Athbhutha Swargam
Namamanu Punarbhavam
Namamanu Maha Siddhi
Namamanu Samasthavum

Unbelievable Heaven is Nama
Nama is all in all
Nama is psychic powers
Everything is His Name !

Chanting the Divine Name can open up the Intutive Mind, as in the case of Valmiki. The Intuitive Mind, once opened, will reveal all to the aspirant ! Says Aurobindo " I experienced three of the four faculties of the Intuitive Reason, Revealation, Inspiration and Intuition, known to the Rishies as Ila, Saraswathi and Sarama". This experience came after the Lord revealed his Universal Form, Vishva Roopa . to Aurobindo, in jail.