Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cosmic Consciousness through BM !

He had given the commandment " By giving thyself up in heart and soul to me , thou shalt overcome all difficulties by My Grace" !

Ma chittha sarva durgani mat prasadat tharishyashi

The wise man, therefore, tries to reach the state of Tat Chitta, that is reaching a state given up completely to the Supreme. The agitations of the mind, the lusts of the body and the imperfections of the intellect which vex us will no longer be there in the state of Tat Chitta, which is Cosmic Consciousness in toto !

One should therefore surrender completely to Him. Embrace none but Him. Then He will reveal His golden gifts and also the secrets of the Universe to you !

Bridal Mysticism does not conflict with the Path of Wisdom.

To him who seeks Self Actualisation with a clear mind, to him the Lord reveals as I AM THAT ! This is Union via Wisdom and Bridal Mysticism accelerates evolution, so that Man can evolve to Godhead !

Hath he not said " Surrender all actions to Me and I shall deliver thee from all sin and evil?"

Sarva Dharman parityajya
Mamekam saranam vraja
Aham the sarva papebhyo
Mokshayishyami ma shucha