Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Redeem Thyself by thyself !

Redeem Thyself by thyself
Condemn thy Self not !
The Self is one's enemy
As well as its bosom friend !

The intellectual is antinomic and dual
The Heart is not ! It is Absolute
That explains the reason why
Bridal Mysticism is extolled !

The great poets of yore
Extolled this Mysticism as the noblest
More nobler than the Intellect's path
Or the path of Action divine !
Extolling the Absolute Beauty which Thou art
With love Universal, ineffable
Is rewarding, as Self is actualised
Effortlessly, all glory is Thine !

Work is Worship, duty is divine,
Thus sang the Yogis of Karma
But its result is distant and remote
The Upanishadic Wisdom divine
Is difficult to comprehend !
As it is defining the Indefinable
Limiting the Illimitable !
Its concepts are abstract & abstruse
Vague to the intellect ordinary !

Hence the greatest path
Is unalloyed love for Thee, Bhakthi !

Monday, March 17, 2008

May I identify with the Universal "I"

O Bliss and Conscioussness Absolute,
Dont let me identify with the little "I"
May I identify with the Universal "I"
May I identify with Thee !